I will wait for you…

I will wait till time ends, as I have been waiting since it began.

Patience is key…. I know you are out there.

Time is a sphare
Within you will hear
All that you know
All that you fear.

The feathers are willing to whisper their secrets to me…

And they say you are coming.

I do not doubt them, nor you.

But will we be disappointed by what we find?
The love has a fix on you.
It can play tricks on you.
It deals in truths
We’re too troubled to face.
Swift winds, if only you could carry me to my one true love!

Like a bird, fly me to heart I shall call home.

A heart I can dare call my own, even when mine has been given away.

Like these feathers around me, dancing, delighting in the wind…

Whisk me away, away from this place!
Gamble the soul of you
On the control of you
Now is the time;
This is the place,
Words still unwritten
Can be erased!
I am waiting for you, one who calls me in my sleep…

One who knows my soul better than any other…

I am watching, and waiting, and hoping upon hope.

*ini puisi jaman SMA, hehehe… 😀



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