May 05, 2012. I spent my weekend to visit our (I’m not use ‘my’ because it is a group work) project in Banyumas, a small township in Central Java, Indonesia. It is like community development project that we have created since 3 months ago, with financial aid from the higher education of national government (DIKTI). An awesome work, an awesome team. All of us are girl! The team: me, Isna (Geodesy Eng.), Anggi (Urban Planning), Atik (Physics Eng.), and Tia (Geodesy Eng.); and also the participants: the woman group in that village.

The village is Karangsari, placed in the north of Banyumas. It is a small village, about 10 km from the central of the township. If you want go there, you have to access difficult field, defective track, and there is no public transportation so you have to take your motorcycle by yourself. People there speak javanese with different dialect with usual javanese pronounce. People called it banyumasan.

The concern of our program is to empower and enlighten women on that village. Why? Almost all of the women there work as a seasonal labour:  work when agriculture have good harvest, moreover jobless. They spent their day with idle, gossip, and uneffective things. In the other hands, that place have a lot of marquisa that untapped. So, our program is to accompanying them to process the marquisa become a valuable things: syrup, jam, juice, etc. Then they can sell it and get money. No more useless things, and no more jobless!

For me, a nuclear engineering student (with a lot of homework, project, and exam), being with the villagers woman is a good thing. Have a chat with them, playing with their children, and become a chef of marquisa is a good thing. I like it. It is deep breath.. 🙂

Actually, this is competition from DIKTI, named PKM (Program Kreatifitas Mahasiswa. But for me competition is not big deal! I like this work and I like if I can help the others, that’s kind of my satisfaction.

me with the women group of the village


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