Yummy Japanese Food

My new episode (again) about Japan. Better for you to know about the place you want to visit. That’s my first time going aboard, and the lucking country is Japan  😀
A little nervous and anxious.. Look, I went alone. Perfectly alone from the airport on my home country, getting transit for a long time, nobody picked me up in Narita Airport (Japan), and went to the other prefecture on the first day to get the hotel 😦


Poor me, I never read or learn about that country before visiting. So I always asking people I meet when I lost or confuse. Unfortunately, Japan is a country with high pride of their mother tongue: they understand english, but many of them can’t explain their ideas well in english. Finally, alien’s language being the solution!

Many persons like Japan, I think because of the culture. I listed some fact about Japan’s daily life in my personal notes. Read my list below, and feel free to visiting japan 😀 :

1. Like I said, Japanese people loves their mother tongue. I suggest you to know  a simple sentences in japanese like “where I can find that place?” or “Can I get fried chicken here? how much I have to pay?” or “Excuse me, can you tell me where the bus stop on?“. You will find a lot of people speak in english when you are around the universities or other international places like airport, but.. Believe me you may get a ‘little trouble’ when you speak english in the station, market, or restaurant. Even all the announcement is written in japanese!

2. The electrical outlet in Japan is different with the US standard -that almost we use. So I suggest you to buy an outlet electrical converter on your home country or buy it immediately when you arrive in Japan. Otherwise your electric device can’t be charged or use.

3. Watch your clothes. Japan is subtropical country that has 4 seasons. If you visiting Japan in winter, prepare your warmth clothes: sweater, coat, boat, gloves, lip balm, etc.

4. Don’t worry about transportation. Bus sounds great for intercity transportation. Train is also available until midnight. Something you have to care is about the ticket machine in station and route of the train. There are a lot of lines and subways connecting hundreds place, so be careful to decide which the train you chose and how much the money you have to insert to the automatic ticket machine. If you don’t understand about that, feel free to ask the station’s personnel. For your addition information: ticket price for regular train/subway is about 200-500 yen depends on the length of your route, and about 1000-1500 yen for executive class, and >10.000 yen for Shinkansen.

5. About the food, restaurants are available everywhere. Yup, yummy Japanese food: Sushi, Onigiri, Soba, Udon, Ramen, Teriyaki, Curry, etc. The one that I dislike is the price. Feeling too expensive for my student’s pocket! Hmm.. But if you are muslim, you have to choose halal food. Just ask to the victualler to prepare food without pork and wine. Ramen and Curry is prohibited for muslim 🙂

6. Don’t forget to visit tourism place! The towers: Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree are awesome. The museum: Edo Tokyo Museum is also great. What else? AKIHABARA: Electrical Town, second hand shop, and nice night walking. SHINJUKU if you are shopping holic. Anime Museum that spread in some prefecture in Japan. Tokyo Garden if you love night life in big town.

What else? Hm.. I think that’s enough for this moment. One more, sorry about my bad English and grammar. I’m in practicing process to be good writer both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English as well 😉


3 thoughts on “#episode5: Japan’s Daily Life

  1. not only ‘without pork or wine’, how about the chicken? we also have to be careful because chicken can be halal if it has been slaughtered by saying bismillaah.. 😀 -IMHO

    • Yup. I agree with u, sistaaa 🙂
      I just realize that when Islamic student society there talked to me about that..and I success didn’t eat meat at all for 10days.
      btw, how’s living in Thai?

  2. wow, alhamdulillah, that was great! I think we better choose vegetarian menu in a muslim-minority country 😀

    about living in Thailand, eh? It’s so easy here to eat halal food because there is a formal halal logo from the Islamic Council of Thailand. Halal Science Center in Chulalongkorn University (I have ever been there), has 4 or 5 sophisticated labs to examine many kinds of food in Thailand. Then, if the food is Halal, Islamic Council will give a halal logo. So, if we want chicken or some snack, just look for the logo. Halal restaurant also have that logo.

    here another references http://muslim.or.id/jejak-islam/kehidupan-islam-di-negeri-gajah-putih.html 😀

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