I grabbed this picture about one year ago in one of photographic websites (but pardon me, I forget the address). This is one of the kind photographic art named Human Interest. Don’t ask me what the meaning is, I don’t know photographic at all. The only one I care about this picture is two veiled woman take a seat with the police. Also, the photographer of this pictures titled it  “Take A Seat With The Police”

I realized that my life has a special part with the police. Wait..don’t think about special relationship! I want to tell you that I had some bad experience with this public servants. You know, in Indonesia police often conduct raids in a highway. It aims to check the completeness of driving, both technical and administrative. Technical completeness of the drive are helmet, rear view, light sign, etc. and administrative are vehicle registration, and also DRIVING LICENSE.

I live in the northern ring road, Yogyakarta, where police conduct raids frequently: 1 time per week or more often than that, sometimes 2 times a day can be, sometimes 3 days. You know, I didn’t have any driving license yet. That means I have a risk being caught in a highway police raid a few times a week.

Under the applicable law in Indonesia, if we do not have the complete drive, as I mentioned earlier, we have to pay a fine. These fines can be paid on the spot or taken to court. The amount varies by type of infraction. For cases like mine, people who do not have a driving license, I have to pay a fine of 250 thousand IDR (according to Law). but the usual fines imposed amounted to ONLY 50 thousand IDR. only? for students like me, 50 thousand is a big number. Especially if it should be removed from my pocket several times a week.

As you guess, in 2 weeks I was hit by a highway police raid  5 times and 2 times of them going to court. I spend a lot of money to pay a fine, spend lots of time to go to trial in court, and a lot of feelings of hatred for the police that (in my opinion) is too often conducted raids.

Actually a rather painful is when we pay the fine directly to the police and they put it into their own pockets. Even I am as the offenders are not given proof of payment. whether this kind of veiled commodity business? You know in some places, we can bargain the fine with the “law enforcement”. If my money was channeled to the country, I do not mind a bit much. However, if only for personal interest or ambition of a certain group of people, I honestly did not sincere.

Finally there are many people who judge that the raid vehicles on the highway is a commodity in Indonesia’s living. Here, all can be used as commodity … (even when we come to the court for the trial of this case, many brokers are offering to replace us in court, of course, in exchange for a fee. I think this also the other commodities by the same cause).

Cursing is not a solution. Blame? who’s to blame? I was reminded of the words of AA Gym, the most  important is not how much we hate the police, but how do our efforts to help the police. Feels tired, exhausted. Now I am trying to make peace with the situation. Tried to “sit together” with the traffic police. I also realized that I (also) was wrong. Finally I make a driving license, and complete all my driving completeness. It means I helped a rogue cop to minimize the diversion of funds. Mr. Judge also helped, I participated as well as reducing the number of people who have a hearing in court. There will no more caught by the police raid. It will never happen again. I promise. I will be good citizens and obey the law.


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