Walk in Singapore

Singapore is well-known with the tagline of “Shopping Country”. I hate shopping, especially for unnecessary thing, some kind of waste my (limited) money. For you guys who have some idealism with me, try to explore the other side of Singapore. Trust me, Singapore is very very  nice to walking.

Had arriving in Singapore too early, 3 AM,  made me yawn a lot and then looked for comfortable point to knock over my indisposition. Compare with Narita, I like Changi more. I choose a lounge, then took my carrier bag aside, a nice quite place. There was only 3 until 5 people around there made me snub to rest, a real effective sleep, till  something in my pocket tinkle in 6 AM.

After changed my clothes into the tropical one, I turned on my notebook and sent a massage to my mother “Mom, I’m in Singapore. I’ll be home soon, this evening”. A friendly immigration officer told me some nice place to visit in Singapore, like everyone love: Sentosa Island, Raffless, Orchard Road, Little India, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park,  etc. He even gave me a tourism map. That was really help. I thought I’ll go by SQ’s Tour, a free tourism guide from my flight, but I didn’t do it. Being freelance is more more more interesting.

By using MRT (about 2,75 SGD), I moved into “Little India”. It’s like India, but little, hehe.. a lot of little shop and restaurant. Little India also listed as the most ten favorite tourism visit in Singapore. Quit enough, but I think it is a nice place to feel the atmosphere of India: the food, the clothes, the people, the buildings..  Of course I have a warm breakfast in one of India resto, recharge my energy, then continue my project to  “Singapore Flyer” by using city bus (ahaa.. I didn’t pay the fee for this bus, the driver speak chinese and didn’t understand English at all, he ask me to go without paying).

Yup, the huge flyer in Singapore is my next halt. From its elevation, outspread Singapore’s view available. The flyer is only several steps from Millenia Walk. Nice combination!

I walk through the circle way surrounding the flayer area, and follow the direction into Raffles, a garden city. Really nice green garden in the center of huge city, alongside with republic boulevard (the same concept with its neighbor).  From this point, the beautiful scenery of curved bridge with vine in its stanchion and palm tree in its bottom is displayed. I didn’t take my walk in a lane anymore. I step into the garden,  climbed the old stairs, cross the road, and finally reach the Pan Pacific. Of course I didn’t get a woman accessories or clothes, I got a sandwich and instant milk for my lunch.

The subway MRT station with a lot of stop and transit is my next stroll. Finally, I completed my visit in Singapore with enjoy my sandwich in Orchid Garden, back to the airport, and made my mom panic with my reply massage.

My mom: What? So you’re alone! Totally wrong-careless girl. I thought you with your friend there. What a sick! Go home soon!


Building in Little India

Old India Temple in Serangoon Road, Singapore

Curved Bridge With Palm on its Bottom

Singapore Flyer

Beautiful White Orchid in Orchid Garden

I have explore almost the half of this place, and I promise come back to finished the rest.


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