In reply of my friend challenge :

  1. I am first child on my family and has one beautiful high school sister
  2. I was born at 11 Dec 1991. So my birthday is always in the same day with International Mountain Day (UN designated 11 Dec as Int Mountain Day)
  3. I have been single for 22 years!! and still counting the continuity… XD
  4. First place I dropped by during my first visit in Jogjakarta (and literally falling love after that) is Masjid Nurul Barokah (located at jakal km 5, behind Bank Bukopin)
  5. And I barely can move on from Jogjakarta until now
  6. The only one exercise I am capable at is running. None will choose me for their Basketball team, my team doesn’t like my smash when I play Volley, my taekwondo instructor doesn’t like my “jumeok”, “seogi”, and “makki”. Hahha and I never care with that
  7. For me, swimming is more relaxing at night (under the moonlight, hahhaha). BUT I feel so scared when it is alone (imaging bad things happen like in Final Destination)
  8. I love coffee
  9. I always think watching horror movie is stupid activity, never like it. People supposed to be happy when watching movie, not being scared. That’s why I like romantic-comedy-drama-action movies.
  10. I love poetry, I have bunch of poetry collection since JHS. I am always stunned with man of letters like Gie, Rendra, Rangga AADC (what??), Dee, Tere Liye, HTR, Widji Thukul, Nazrul Anwar, etc.
  11. Laughing at myself comes very easily to me
  12. Making notes while listen someone speaking is so hard for me. That’s why I always busy copying someone’s notes before exam XD
  13. Batman is my motorbike name
  14. Mostly my clothes are pink, gray, and brown. I don’t know why!
  15. I never play game on my phone, except Sudoku. I prefer to play game on my laptop
  16. Too cold and too hot weather are my enemies. When there is aircon, setting at 27 degC is just perfect
  17. When I sad, crying while walking is very helpful. It’s like reduce almost 65% of my sadness
  18. And writing also reduce 40% of my sadness
  19. I have different password for all of my account. Thus, I only remember password of my corporate email and bank account. Facebook, twitter, wordpress, tumblr, etc is only use auto login
  20. Ask me anything but don’t ask me u-know-what question, coz I dont have the answer yet XD

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