the author of this blog

the author of this blog

Sky is the most peace place to live, star is the most mysterious object to observe, and book is the best place to keep (and find) the secret.  Through my life, I like astronomy, I love books, and I obsessed with military.

I started wrote a blog in 2009 because of my astronomical will. Day passed and I change the direction: write not only astronomy topics, but also everything I want to write. Also, this is the third time I edited the page “About Me”.

I studied in Department of Physics Engineering UGM (Indonesia) and take a specialization in technology of nuclear energy, the great energy was discovered ever. I was born in Pekalongan, a small township in north coast of Central Java. The place where I always wanna go.

I’m an engineer in one of the biggest Oilfield Service Company in the world! (sounds cool, isn’t it? hahahaha 😀 ) I am assigned in Balikpapan, Indonesia,  for taking care Well Intervention operation of several fleet. Traveling and summiting mountain are my interest.

My name is Desti and these are the chronicles of my recent life. Thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment if you wish!

25 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. ternyata blog punya desti ya. jadi pengen nulis juga. tapi koq rasanya masih males ya. mungkin karna bukan tulis menulis yang menjadi kesukaanku, tapi rancang merancang, gambar menggambar, coret mencoret. tapi bagus juga ya kalau di share… sip, syukron telah menginspirasi… terus maju… (sudah lama tidak mengucapkan ini) SALAM CUMLAUDE!!!

  2. Wow, dari Paninggaran ya… kirain dari dataran rendah… 🙂
    Saya asli Kedungwuni, alumni SMA 1 Pekalongan juga.
    Wah, senang juga nih ada opek yang belajar nuklir…. Good luck with your studies, sudah hampir selesai kan? Saya baliknya kalau sudah saatnya untuk balik… heehe…

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